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StreetEagle Mobile FAQ

Why is my username and password not allowing me to login?

1. The username and password is cAsE sEnSiTiVe
2. Your account may be suspended or cut off for non payment of service. Please call us at 866-658-1191 to resolve this matter

How do I change my password in StreetEagleMobile?

1. Login to your account at
2. In the top nav menu, go to "Account Settings"
3. Enter your existing password in the fields provided. Enter your new password as well.
4. Click the "Save" button

Note: passwords must be at least 5 characters long and are cAsE sEnSiTiVe.

How do I view a vehicle's history that is older than 14 days?
1. Once you are on the History page, select "History Options" at the top-right of the menu
2. The page will then display a window that will let you change the Date Range
3. Select "Set Custom Range" and specify a start and end date/time

How do I print Vehicle History Reports?

1. Once you are on the Reports page, select the history date you would like to print
2. Specify your stop and speeding thresholds for the report and click the "Update" button provided
3. Use your Printer options provided by your internet browser (ie. For Internet Explorer, go to File > Print)

Why does StreetEagleMobile respond with "failed" when I try to Ping my vehicle?

1. The vehicle may be parked in an area with spotty cellular coverage
2. The GPS unit resets its connection once an hour to improve connectivity in poor cellular coverage areas.
3. If the vehicle is parked in a parking garage (or a similiar concrete structure), the cellular signal is heavily minimized and will cause intermittent connectivity. The GPS signal will also drop out since it cannot penetrate concrete or metal.
4. If cellular coverage is good, and the vehicle is parked outside, please give us a call to further troubleshoot the issue.

What does the Disable Ignition feature do to the vehicle if its currently traveling?

The disable ignition feature only prevents the vehicle from starting. If the ignition is disabled while the vehicle is already started and running, then it will prevent the vehilce from starting again once the vehicle is turned off.

What do the vehicle icons on the map mean?

The vehicle icons are color coded and contain letters to indicate the current status of the vehicle:
arrow (green) - vehicle is currently in transit in the specified direction
stop sign (red) - vehicle is currently stopped
"P" (blue) - vehicle is parked
"S" (green) - vehicle started
Gray icons indicate vehicles that are not parked and have not reported recently

The vehicle location is not updating automatically on the map?

Though the vehicle may track as frequently as every two minutes, you will need to use the "Refresh" button to update the page and retrieve the vehicle's last know location and status. This will recenter the map to the location of the vehicle selected.

Why is the address shown for my vehicle not exact to my location?

The GPS location on the map is very accurate, down to about 10 feet or better in fact. However, the address of the vehicles location is an approximation. Similiar to GPS navigation devices, the address that you type in doesnt usually take you to the doorstep of a location. It typically takes you to a mailbox on the street, and in some cases, may be off by a few hundred feet. The same approximation applies here.

What is a geofence, and how do I use this feature?

The geofence feature allows you to setup a radial zone around any location so that you're notified when your vehicle enters and/or leaves that area.
1. Enter location information for the center of your geofence. This can be either an address or latitude/longitude coordinates.
2. Enter the radial distance for your zone. From your location, this will create a circular area with a radius as big as the valued you have entered.
3. Specify how you would like to be notified. Your options are to notify you when entering the geofence, leaving the geofence, or both.