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General FAQ

What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System is a worldwide navigation platform consisting of 30+ orbiting satellites that form a communications blanket over the earth. The U.S. Department of Defense developed and implemented this satellite network to support the military in calculating an accurate global position. This technology is now widely accessible to the public and allows virtually anybody to pinpoint their location via GPS receiving devices.

How does the StreetEagle GPS System work?

StreetEagleGPS is a security system that uses advanced telemetry in correspondence with GPS and cellular communications to provide you with GPS tracking, monitoring, and protection. The system acquires a GPS positioning fix once a second, analyzes GPS data, and then sends the data to our servers via cellular communications. The GPS device stays connected to our servers at all times to make sure you have access and control of your vehicle.

Whats involved with installing a StreetEagle GPS unit?

Installation typically takes about 30 minutes for a basic 3 wire installation. For features that involve wiring an input (ie security alert) or output (ie starter kill), an installation will take much longer and should be done by a professional to ensure no damage is done to the unit or the vehicle.

Is the StreetEagle GPS Unit visible to the driver? Can it be tampered with?

A professional installation will ensure that the StreetEagleGPS System to be completely out of sight and touch from the driver and passengers in the vehicle. The StreetEagle GPST1Rv3 is designed to be completely tamperproof. With its built-in wiring harness and internal gps/cellular antenna, the unit cannot become disconnect unless the wiring harness is cut. In the event that does happen, the GPST1Rv3 has an internal battery backup to notify you immediately via email and SMS text messaging. The unit will also go into "recovery mode" and track the vehicle every 15 seconds while moving.

Who has access to my StreetEagle account and tracking information?

When you activate your StreetEagle GPS, you will be prompted to create a StreetEagleWEB Login. This login grants you access to your personal account at All of your tracking information for your account is secured under this login. As the account owner, you are responsible for maintaining and protecting your username/password to ensure private access to your information. In the case that your login information has been jepardized, you can change your password in StreetEagleWEB under Account Settings.