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  What is StreetEagle?


StreetEagle is GPS on steroids, providing the next generation of GPS tracking, monitoring, and protection for your vehicle. With real-time GPS tracking, automatic location updates, vehicle history mapping and reports, vehicle monitoring alerts, and vehicle control from any connected device, StreetEagle helps you stay connected 24/7.


With over 15 years of experience in GPS vehicle tracking, StreetEagle continues to be a leader in the industry. Our expertise in GPS technology and wireless communications means that you can rely on us when you need it the most.



Advanced Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
Real-Time Vehicle Location
Automatic Vehicle Location : StreetEagle automatically sends your vehicles location when started, parked, and in transit. Depending on your service plan, StreetEagle send in transit locations as frequent as every two minutes. No need to ping your vehicle to find out where it is, or better yet, where it was. See screen shot
Ping Vehicle : Though StreetEagle tracks your vehicle automatically, you can additionally ping your vehicle to retrieve its current location, status, speed, heading, and address.

Real-time GPS Tracking : StreetEagle retrieves your vehicles current location once a second from GPS satellites. This location information is stored onboard the GPS to accurately determine distance traveled, and deliver GPS locations with an accuracy of +- 5 feet.

24/7 Vehicle Recovery Services : in the case that your vehicle is stolen, you can quickly put your vehicle into recovery mode. This automatically sets your vehicle to begin tracking every 10 seconds. From StreetEagle, you can also send a link to your local authorities to allow them to track and recover the vehicle in real-time.

Vehicle Location History
Breadcrumb Trail Mapping : StreetEagle stores your vehicles location history for up to 6 months to allow you to view your vehicles past activity on the map. Since StreetEagle tracks your vehicle, it gives you a full breadcrumb trail to determine when and where your vehicle traveled throughout the day.
Detailed GPS Location History : On the history map, each location update contains an array of information about your vehicle at each point. This information includes location (latitude, longitude), speed, ignition status (parked/started), heading, motion sense, and approximate address.

Complete Activity Reports : StreetEagle displays your vehicle's historical activity on a printable report, providing all activity including when the vehicle starts, parks, travels, speeds, and idles. Mileage driven throughout the day is also included. Summary statistics give you totals for mileage traveled, mileage speeding, time in transit, time speeding, time idling, and time parked.

Advanced Tracking Features
Vehicle Security Alert : Connect your StreetEagle GPS to your stock or after-market security alarm to receive an alert when triggered. Alerts notify you by email and cell phone text messaging.
Low Vehicle Battery Alert : Receive an immediate alert when your vehicle battery is low. Set your low battery threshold, 11 Volts by default, and alerts will notify you by email and cell phone text messaging.

Battery Backup / Disconnect Alert : StreetEagle has an onboard 3 hour backup battery. When powered is disconnected from the GPS (or vehicle), you are notified with an alert and the GPS goes into recovery mode. While in recovery mode, the vehicle tracks automatically every 15 seconds while moving.

Vehicle Tow Alert : Receive an alert when your vehicle moves while vehicle ignition is off, indicating a tow event. Once the alert is sent, the vehicle goes into recovery mode where it tracks automatically every 15 seconds while moving. Alerts notify you by email and cell phone text messaging.
Driver Security Alert : Install a panic button for your driver to send an alert if an emergency occurs. Alerts notify you by email and cell phone text messaging.
Vehicle Motion Alert : Receive an alert when your vehicle is started and begins moving from its parked location. Alerts notify you by email and cell phone text messaging.
Speeding Alert : Set a speeding threshold (ie 70 mph) and StreetEagle will send you an alert when the vehicle exceeds that speed for over 3 seconds. Alerts notify you by email and cell phone text messaging.
Geofence Alert : Set a radial zone around any location, and StreetEagle will send you an alert when the vehicle enters and/or exits the area. Alerts notify you by email and cell phone text messaging.
Vehicle Door Unlock : StreetEagle allows you to remotely unlock your vehicle doors from any PC, tablet, or smartphone.
Vehicle Door Lock : StreetEagle allows you to remotely lock your vehicle doors from any PC, tablet, or smartphone.
Remote Starter Disable / Enable : StreetEagle allows you to remotely disable your vehicle igntion to prevent it from starting. You can also enable the ignition upon request to allow the vehicle to start again.

Professional Tracking Features
Fleet Optimized Tracking: StreetEagle Professional is designed for the dispatcher, fleet manager, and business owner who needs to manage their fleet in real-time.
Management Reports : With over 50 different reports to choose from, you've got the actionable data needed to optimize your fleet operations, improve driver safety, curb unauthorized vehicle use, validate timesheets, and improve overal efficiency.

Fleet Maintenance : StreetEagle Pro's automated fleet maintenance provides fleet managers with a hands-free reminder of scheduled vehicle maintenance events. Automatic email alerts warn managers of upcoming items needing service, and service reports provide a detailed maintenance checklist for your fleet.

Management Alerts : With over 15 different types of alerts, StreetEagle Pro keeps you informed of any and all fleet exceptions: Additional Alerts include: Idling, mutiple geofencing (unltd), motion after work hours, motion on weekends, first movement of the day, long stop, maintenance due, and sensors.
Enhanced Mapping : Full screen, enhanced mapping from both Google and Bing Maps. Full satellite imagery, birds-eye view, street-view, and traffic from both leading mapping providers.

Multiple User Access : Create and customize as many logins as you need for SE Pro or SE Mobile. For each user, you can also set priveledges to control access to any feature of the application.

PTO/Sensor Monitoring: keep track of usage of onboard vehicle equipment such a pump, lift, door, or tailgate. By monitoring this activity, you can generate reports of such activity or setup an alert to be notified when these sensors trigger. Additional installation required, please consult your installer.