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StreetEagle Installation Support

The following documents and online tools provided below will assist you in verifying your StreetEagle installation. If you need further assistance, please contact StreetEagle Support at (866)658-1191 between the hours of 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST, Monday - Sunday.
Testing Your StreetEagle Installation
The StreetEagle GPS Tracking System is an advanced monitoring system that requires a valid gps fix and cellular reception. The kit includes the wiring harness, gps tracking unit with internal antenna, and mounting velcro. All components of this system should be "out of sight" of the vehicle driver and passengers.

A recommended placement of the gps unit is within vehicle dashboard, attached to the underside of the top dashboard piece, and as far forward as possible toward the windshield. Also, ensure that there is no metal between the gps unit and its view of the sky. Once this has been verified, you can begin testing the units tracking with the online tool described below: